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Home Sweet Home is a leader in providing stress relief to transferees all over the country. We do this by leveraging a network of over 1000 professional organizers (some employees and many long time partners) to provide in-home pre and post-move services. Our goal is to provide a high touch experience that is cost effective for our corporate clients.

I hope we have an opportunity to show you the unique contribution we can make to improve the relocation experience of your transferees while protecting your bottom line and helping the environment.

Jeff Heisler
January 2021

Our Story

Home Sweet Home was founded in Los Angeles in 2004 after I experienced 5 moves in an 8 year timespan, including 2 stints in New Zealand. While there I enjoyed the services of a company that unpacked our shipment and put everything away. When my pregnant wife arrived, the whole house was set up and I was a ‘hero’ for at least two weeks.

When we returned to the United States, we could not find a similar company that catered to corporate transferees and the idea for Home Sweet Home was born.

The company focused on local, Los Angeles residential moves for the first few years before expanding, with varying degrees of success, to other cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, Phoenix and Las Vegas in 2007. Armed with our coverage area of 5 whole cities, we started marketing to potential corporate clients.

Those potential customers gave us two bits of invaluable feedback. First, they were interested in the services we had to offer (which was good…). Second, they said they couldn’t work with us until we could provide the services to all of their transferees, not just those in 5 cities (which was good to hear but harder to address…).

In 2008 and 2009, we made a series of acquisitions and invested in expanding our network to provide nationwide coverage and the current Home Sweet Home came into being.

As we have expanded over the past 7 years a key test was how do we grow but maintain the same level of service to the transferees of our clients. I have been very fortunate to tap into a tremendous resource to staff our offices.

The core of our office teams are a growing number of parents returning to the workforce after taking time off to raise their families. They are an exceptionally empathetic group who understand the stresses of running a household at the best of times and, even more so, the stress created with moving. They couple that with their professional experiences from earlier in their careers to form a team eager and able to create a unique experience for transferees.

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